Participate in the October 13th, 2021 Hybrid Board Event in Las Vegas
Girls on the Run Las Vegas is looking for three new board members to help us as we launch our biggest year to date. After a year of only virtual programming, we are resuming in-person programming this fall along with our 5K Community Celebrations. We need assistance in all areas and are looking to diversify the perspectives on our Board.
Desired skills: Grants, Fundraising* The board member responsible for fundraising oversees the organization’s fundraising plan and engages all board members in fundraising activities. The board member has strong community connections and networks, access and knowledge about individual, corporate and foundation resources, good people skills and an engaging personality and is comfortable talking about money and finances.
Desired skills: Event Management, Marketing* The board member responsible for marketing and events brings to the organization deep and broad experience in the oversight of marketing and events that produce immediate and direct results for an organization’s bottom line. This board member should both be able to roll up their sleeves, but also is able to see the big picture of the impact of marketing and events.
Desired skills: Human Resources, Strategy Consulting, Accounting*, Board*, Finance* A treasurer should have a strong working knowledge of accounting. They typically prepare financial reports for each meeting that include information about the company's viability and stability. These reports need to be clear and concise to help inform any of the board's decisions. Treasurers also manage public funds, which includes making important decisions regarding spending and investing. They work closely with other company executives to obtain drafts of the annual budget for board approval.
Desired skills: Event Management*, Project Management
The Event or Program Committee is made up of the Chair, Sub-Committee Chairs, and interested organization and community members. We have openings for the following projects: 1) Breast Cancer Outreach and Education, 2) Pink Ribbon Sunday Project, 3) Adopt-A-Family/Toys for Tots, 4) Administrative with Grant Writing Workshops, 5) Fundraising. They are responsible for:· Creating a comprehensive event or program plan including goals/desired outcomes and theme of the event or program.
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Desired skills: Branding, Communications, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media The board member responsible for volunteers and outreach is as important to the organization as its fundraising board leadership and personnel. This board member will advocate for the volunteer, and will help create policies and procedures that help engage volunteers to their highest levels of contribution.
Desired skills: Board Board members who do not hold one of the executive positions often volunteer to serve as the head of committees. They attend meetings, where they can make motions and discuss and vote on board matters. After serving as board members, they might be elected to serve in a more advanced role on the board of directors.
Desired skills: Board, Data Analysis, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Social Media, Web Design Board of Trustee's are critical to the effectiveness of Helping Hands of Vegas Valley, both as advocates for the senior citizens our network serves and stewards of the organization’s resources. Helping Hands of Vegas Valley Board of Directors provides oversight and assures the organization remains focused on its mission while remaining consistent and in compliance with the organization’s Bylaws.