We adopt families by providing them with items for the children and the teens during the holiday season and during the back-to-school season.  

We need shoes, socks, and sport bras for our high-need girls, as well as materials for delivering our curriculum, host our 5K Community Celebrations, and administer the organization. Please visit our Amazon wish list for specifics and thank you!

Bookworks is our social enterprise run entirely by volunteers and almost exclusively by donations and support from the community. We rely on the generosity of our residents and visitors alike to keep our doors open and our inventory relevant.

For teens who meet and discuss how they can make a difference in their schools, with their peers and in the community. If you are a teen, 14 years or older and are interested, join us!

Come out and volunteer at the Bijou Bike Park every Tuesday at 6pm! We’ll be doing basic maintenance to keep the park riding good all summer long. Make sure you wear closed toed shoes and bring gloves to work in. We’ll be sweeping, watering, patching holes and keeping takeoffs and landings riding smooth.

This level of volunteering is for an individual who is not interested in being CIT trained or providing direct services to clients. This volunteer is interested in being part of the LVF family and giving back to the community by volunteering 2-10 hours a month.

This level of volunteering is for an individual who is or will become CIT trained and wants to be a STAR Volunteer at Live Violence Free. This means you are so involved with the H.E.A.R.T. program you may help coordinate and meet with other volunteers. This level is for a volunteer who is volunteering 20+…

This level of volunteering is for an individual who is or will become CIT trained and is volunteering moderately with Live Violence Free. This level means that the individual is volunteering 10-20 hours a month, either directly with clients or indirectly.

Nevada Outreach provides the following programs to help individuals with problems in:  Elder Abuse; Domestic/Sexual Violence; Forensic Interviews for children who have been sexually/physically abused; Family Prevention activities in Parenting and Co-Parenting classes; Anger Management, Independent Skills classes and Budgeting classes; Healthlink to sign up for health insurance; and a family Resource Center. Volunteers needed…

To support the senior services that promote healthy, independent, active and safe lifestyles, as well as increase volunteer opportunities for education and advocacy by and for elders.

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