Broadway in the HOOD strives to become the first national nonprofit youth theater company committed to partnerships and collaborations to create programs, enhance in-school performances, provide training classes and resources affordable and accessible to the next generation of community leaders throughout the world.

The mission of Red Rock Search & Rescue is to utilize our trained volunteers to provide search, rescue, training and recovery services to our community

To change the life trajectory of those in the community by providing academic, youth development, and health and basic needs support for families.

Assist today’s at-risk youth in achieving their highest potential as responsible citizens and future leaders.

To take all Nevada veterans to Washington DC to be honored for their service and sacrifices. We take veterans in order or application based on health and age.

To further the growth and strength of the Henderson Jewish community with a vibrant Jewish center in the area.

Healthy, happy and safe relationships…always within reach.

We connect and empower our community through family strengthening, crisis intervention, hunger relief, and legal services.

Our mission is to keep our community connected by inspiring people to get involved, give back, and make a difference. The Just One Project mobilizes volunteers to build stronger and healthier communities.

LVL UP EXPO is a collaboration of gaming, anime, design, and technology into an annual exhibition.

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