Today is World Environment Day, established in 1973 by the United Nations Environment Programme. This year’s theme is “Green Economy: Does it include you?” As the Nevada governor’s Commission on Service, we can say loud and clear that “yes, it does include us.” As as matter of fact, it includes three out of six of…

On October 27, 2011, Nevada Volunteers and Governor Brian Sandoval honored outstanding volunteer efforts in Nevada. Click the text link to watch the video. Find out who was there and who were the recipients of the 2011 Governor’s Points of Light Awards in Nevada. The 2011 Governor’s Points of Light Awards

Nevada Volunteers’ higher-education initiative has worked on Nevada’s campuses for the past 2 ½ years to promote volunteering among college youth. One of the highlights of this effort has been the Expressions of Homelessness poetry project organized through the University of Nevada Reno’s Honors Program by our VISTA, Alexandra Ellison.

Every year, Nevada Volunteers, the state commission on national and community service, honors outstanding National Service volunteers in Nevada. These awards are given in observance of National AmeriCorps Week, which runs May 8th to 15th this year. All of these award winners are great examples of the promise of National Service programs. “We are very proud of them all,” said Shawn Lecker-Pomaville, CEO of Nevada Volunteers. “Their service makes Nevada a better place for all of us.” Nevada Volunteers is pleased to announce the following winners and share a little of their story:

I had meant to get there on Wednesday. I didn’t make it till Saturday. I missed all the action of volunteers stacking cans, building incredible CANstructions—a snake, a train, and the Empire State Building. I was sick in bed, and by the time I got there three days later, all I could photograph were the results. As incredible as they were, the results weren’t the story I was after.