Project 4 Humanity’s mission is to bridge the gap for the most vulnerable in our society, those experiencing homelessness and food insecurity, by directly providing meals, clothing, and other necessities. Project 4 Humanity works through service access barriers with dignity and hope, to assist and connect those in need with mainstream services.

Bread & Broth is a charitable, non-profit organization whose mission is to ease hunger in the Lake Tahoe south shore community.

Growing, giving and teaching for a healthier, greener, sustainable community.

We believe we can make a difference because we ARE making a difference. And so can you!

To provide the Las Vegas community with the opportunity to grow food, learn about gardening and wellness, and to be a catalyst for positive change in the health of those in low-income communities.

Delivering with Dignity is working with numerous non-profit partners thus far to identify individual recipients who need the program based on “Triple Threat” criteria: 1) At highest risk for COVID-19 per CDC guidelines; 2) Ineligible or not served by any community organization for the provision of food to their homes; 3) Financially unable to meet…

Feeding the hungry today and solving hunger for tomorrow through community partnership.

To provide food, clothing, shelter, and medical aid to the homeless and hungry within our community with the objective of providing programs and referrals for families and individuals so they may become self-sufficient.

Nobody should go hungry in a modern city in the USA.

To provide nutritious meals to chronically hungry school-aged children in our community.