The volunteer/outreach committee member helps the organization implement recruitment and retention programs aimed at increasing the number of volunteers and others engaged in the organization.

The marketing/events committee member helps monitor an organization’s brand, marketing and communications plans and helps develop strategies that ensure the organization’s messaging and events are reaching primary audiences in the best ways.

The board member responsible for volunteers and outreach is as important to the organization as its fundraising board leadership and personnel. This board member will advocate for the volunteer, and will help create policies and procedures that help engage volunteers to their highest levels of contribution.

Conversation with an experienced person about ways to generate revenue or improve current revenue generating programs related to your mission

Conversation with an experienced person about a strategy for effectively showing appreciation and communicating successes with current donors; also attracting new donors aligned with your mission

Conversation with an experienced person to develop a consistent messaging platform for your brand, identity, unique contributions, pitch, emails, brochures, etc