Interested in leading hikes and educating the community about vital outdoor resources? Become a Wetland Tour Guide and lead hikes for people visiting the Rosewood Nature Study Area!

Be part of the solution and join the Tahoe Blue Crew program and take action to remove litter from your Lake Tahoe community! Pledge to adopt an area in Tahoe/Truckee and clean it at least three times per year. The League provides training, equipment and support.

Horses4Heroes is looking for fun-loving, responsible teens and young adults to volunteer for camp counselor positions throughout the year. We look for counselors that are good with kids and have skills in a variety of sports, horses, arts & crafts, theater arts, CPR, Life Guard, and other camp games and activities. This is a great…

We are also looking for youth groups, clubs, sports teams, Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts and businesses to schedule a day of community service (Weekends in the Barnyard).

Volunteers help with day-to-day ranch chores and operations, assist the Ride Staff with riding lessons, and help staff programs and activities. We are always looking for fun-loving, kind, patient, and energetic men, women and teens (16 and older) to assist us here at our Las Vegas HQ, the Horses4Heroes Family Equestrian Center.

We need volunteers to assist in treatment between the hours of 9am-3pm, Monday-Thursday. Duties may include: Assist customer service staff with patient check-in and check-out; Set up for and assist with patient recovery post-anesthesiaCleaning/moving kennels and traps; Cleaning and sterilization of surgical packs and other equipment; Set up and clean examination rooms, surgical prep room,…

We require staff to assist with events as needed. Events may happen during business hours, in evenings, or on weekends. Duties may include: Assist in education of guests about Heaven Can Wait and their programs/opportunities; Check-in of attendees; Ticket / product sales; Set-up and tear-down of booth and promo materials; Distributing hand-outs, flyers, or gift…

Do you have a special talent or business that you would like to donate your time or resources to help promote or advocate for safe, friendly, accessible biking? Examples include, photography, graphic design, printing, and delivering maps.

Getting student backpacks prepped for distribution

These are our “ground pounders” who go into the field to find missing people. You must be in good physical condition and comfortable searching mountain, desert, wilderness, and urban terrain in all kinds of weather. You will receive training in all aspects of search and rescue.

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