Assist with various projects at our chapter offices, including phone calls, mailings and research.

Fulfill various volunteer roles at special events throughout the year.

Attend various outreach events to highlight and represent the mission in order to increase awareness and support.

Use your professional skills and knowledge on an as-needed basis to provide much-needed skills such as reading and writing in multiple languages, graphic design, photography, and more.

Help facilitate wish experiences for non-English-speaking families. Translators may attend wish discovery visits and assist with phone calls, but they are not directly involved in planning wishes.

Work with a partner to meet with wish kids and their families to start them on their wish discovery journey and then continue being that constant connection to Make-A-Wish during this magical process.

Open to wish alumni and their families, represent Make-A-Wish at a number of external outreach and fundraising events to share your wish experience.

This team is in charge of recruiting students to attend the program by working with high school counselors, the legion, and other sources during the offseason. New staff members are hirely recommended to volunteer for this team.

This team coordinates the fundraising activities for the program. You must have attended Nevada Boys’ State to be a staff member.

This team designs and implements the various programming components — executive, legislative, political parties, judiciary, committees, lobbyists, newspaper, etc. You must have attended Nevada Boys’ State to be a staff member.

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