Provides office support for direct patient care (creating patient/family teaching material, mailings, filing, etc.).

Provides in-person, phone, or office support for the bereavement program and interacts with the family in a caring and compassionate manner. Assists with arrangements after death, agency memorial services or activities, and community education on end-of-life issues.

Provides program support through arts and crafts for patients or bereaved, community events, health or community fairs, fundraising, community speaker events, education, public relations, and volunteer recruitment.

This may include hospice interdisciplinary team and complementary alternative integrative health services roles.

Provides in-person activities and companionship (reading, life review, listening, watching a patient’s favorite shows, playing board or card games, scrapbooking, yard work, animal care, respite, etc.).

Volunteer on a rotational two week period to monitor telephone messages. HowRU is a daily wellness care for seniors. The Medication Reminder Program is a free program that calls subscribers daily to remind them to take prescribed medications, providing peace of mind to seniors and their families. Publicize and recruit people to join the program.

Help with event development and planning. Assist with the setup, sales, decor, and more on the day of an event.

Photographers, computer/tech assistance, blog writers, and other skilled volunteers are welcome.

Help with minor home maintenance like changing/cleaning air filters, smoke alarm batteries, light bulbs, etc. Pick-up and deliver medical equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, motorized scooters, crutches, etc. Provide transportation to limited locations. Sanitize and test medical equipment.

Court Ordered Service is available on a conditional basis. Contact us for more details.

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