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woman-and-little-girlFamily volunteering can be as simple as drawing cards for children in the hospital or as complex as linking hundreds of families in a day of volunteer service. Visit the Doing Good Together website for ways to get started with family volunteering projects with resources.


Young volunteers can:

  • Realize they can make a positive difference
  • Build character and a sense of responsibility to community
  • Gain skills and leadership experience
  • Increase understanding of social and civic issues
  • Increase appreciation for cultural diversity
  • Be less likely to engage in at-risk behaviors and more likely to stay in school
  • Meet new people and have new experiences

A youth from a family where at least one parent volunteers is almost twice as likely to volunteer as a youth with no family members who volunteer – and nearly three times as likely to volunteer on a regular basis.

Among youth who are in families where both parents and siblings volunteer:

  • 86% volunteer themselves, and 47% are regular volunteers
  • 64% of non-volunteers reported that no one in their family volunteers.
    – “Youth Helping America,” Corporation for National and Community Service, 2005
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