A Dream that became Reality

Dreamsickle Kids Foundation was founded by Georgene’ “Gina” Glass. Mother two children with the youngest ,Gia diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) at birth. In 2016, Gina and her family relocated to Nevada to find no specific resources for people of any age affected by SCD or their siblings and caregivers. After a few scary experiences in the healthcare system with managing Gias condition. She decided to create a space to raise SCD awareness and support the small population of those patients , siblings, and caregivers impacted by this Rare Disease. In 2018, Dreamsickle Kids became the first SCD organization in Nevada and also hosted the first SCD charity walk in the state in over five years. In 2019, as a result of Dreamsickle’s advocacy, Nevada passed its first SCD bill (AB254), in 2020 the first comprehensive SCD clinic treating children and adults opened along with the expansion of Dreamsickle Kids support to include anyone in Nevada impacted by one of the 7000 Rare Diseases. In 2021, they achieved another first , opening the first SCD clinic in Nevada, The Aspiration Center, the center was a joint effort with another grassroots organization,JET Foundation , which serves anyone in need of resources in Las Vegas. The partnership allows for them to boast 25 programs and services directly available to the community.

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