This team manages the annual budget, as well as coordinates spending, procurement, etc. You must have attended Nevada Boys’ State to be a staff member.

This team covers a variety of NBS needs — including website design/management marketing, public relations, legion relations, etc. You must have attended Nevada Boys’ State to be a staff member.

Environmental Volunteers are needed for monitor and battery recycling, training and community campaign development.

Facilities Volunteers such as carpenters, painters, gardeners, maintenance and warehouse people are needed to expand and maintain our facilities and build facilities in various local communities.

Technical Volunteers are needed to repair, refurbish, upgrade, distribute computer systems.

Virtual Volunteers are needed around the country for computer programming, web site development, help desk and special projects.

Volunteers in this position will provide a welcoming first and lasting impression of The Mob Museum, creating a friendly, hospitable environment and overall rewarding experience for Museum visitors. In this role, individuals will be assigned to areas in which they will be personally welcoming and speaking to guests. Regular work locations include, but are not…

Help with special events Help with administrative activities Help with specific programs of interest to to you

Do you have a special talent or business that you would like to donate your time or resources to help promote or advocate for safe, friendly, accessible biking? Examples include, photography, graphic design, printing, and delivering maps.

We need volunteers to help with everything at the theatre from tech to costumes to communications.

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