We need volunteers to help with everything at the theatre from tech to costumes to communications.

Volunteering is a great way to fully experience QuiltCon, meet new people, and have fun!

We have several events throughout the year that we need volunteers to help us with.

You can help support our corporate team by providing services as needed. This could include various tasks, from data entry to organizing inventory to helping set up an event. Find a place that suits you!

Be a positive influence in the lives of at risk children by volunteering at monthly support groups to help provide a fun learning experience. Create activities, bring snacks, and read and play with at-risk children.

Volunteers help with community outreach, office support and media relations.

NHF Nevada has many volunteer opportunities available: Advisory Board of Directors, Fundraising Committee, Walk Team Captain, Camp Committee, Program Committee, Hispanic Program Committee, Event Photographer, Graphic Design, Event Day Volunteer, General Office Help.

Volunteers greet our guests, but that’s not all. They also escort patients and caregivers to their destinations; staff our lending library; assist with administrative tasks, clinic duties and physical therapy appointments; present outreach programs in the community; and conduct tours of our legendary building. Some have even participated in research studies.

From office support to event planning, your talents can make a huge difference.

Others opportunities to help include transporting dogs, searching the shelters, processing applications, evaluating prospective families, answering phone messages, updating the database, maintaining our website, manning the event booths, writing thank you notes…..the list goes on and on! In addition, we are fortunate to have the support of veterinarians all over the valley, as well as…

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