The Canyon Keepers program offers concerned citizens a way to help protect the at-risk cultural heritage resources at Sloan Canyon NCA’s Petroglyph Gallery area. Canyon Keepers create a presence on a regular basis at Petroglyph Canyon during high peak visitation hours to prevent vandalism and unwanted social trails that degrade the hill side and threaten the rock art that populates the area. As a Canyon Keeper you would hike to and monitor the Petroglyph Gallery for two to four hours at a time on the weekends and during high peak visitation hours throughout the week. You’ll be trained on the cultural, biological and geologic history of the area allowing you to answer questions about the rock art and encourage visitors to stay in the wash to view the petroglyphs. A key part of this duty will be observing and reporting any illegal activities you witness on the proper trail monitor report form. Report will be submitted to the volunteer coordinator within 48 hours of the hike and monitoring.