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VANN is a network of people who work or volunteer as volunteer coordinators or administrators.  The mission statement is:

VANN commits to the advancement of volunteer engagement by supporting volunteer administrators through networking, learning, and collaboration.

VANN was initiated by Nevada Volunteers in response to the interest and support of volunteer coordinators in the community who believed that having a professional network and opportunities to learn and share would strengthen and enhance the professionalism of volunteer engagement and also would provide mentoring opportunities, learning, and sharing of challenges and successes. The group was formally established in November, 2011.  VANN is led by a steering committee that plans the meetings, coordinates communication, maintains the membership list, and establishes the policies and practices of the group.  Nevada Volunteers supports the organization through staff time for coordination and fiscal management as needed.

Meetings are held quarterly, usually during the third week of the month, in February, May, August, and November.

Please contact for additional information or to request that you be included in the mailing list for the organization.




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