Today is more than just a day off from work…

In our busy daily lives, we often see an upcoming holiday on our calendars and think “Great! I get a day of work or school!” But how many times have you really looked at the title of that holiday and thought about the meaning of it in your life?

With today being Memorial Day, Nevada Volunteers, the Governor’s Commission on Service, wanted to share how grateful we are to those men and women that serve our country. It is our hope that we are doing our part here in Nevada to bring awareness to veterans and encourage Nevadans to give back to those that have served us by volunteering and supporting local missions for veterans and military families.

One of Nevada Volunteers’ AmeriCorps*State programs was funded to specifically serve the veteran population: WestCare Foundation. Currently there are five veterans and five veteran family members serving as AmeriCorps*State members through WestCare Foundation, where they have assisted over 420 veterans and provided them with direct services.

Not only does Nevada Volunteers encourage our AmeriCorps programs to serve the veteran and military family populations, but Nevadans as well. Take some time out of your busy lives, and see if there is a veteran or military family organization near you that would love an hour or two of your time. To find more volunteer opportuntities, visit today!

With the veteran population growing, we know that the veteran hospitals around Nevada could always use more volunteers and help. Contact one near you here and see how you can get involved!

We know how busy life can get, but use your day off from work or school today to say a simple “Thank you!” to those around you that have fought for our country and served all of us in fighting for our freedom!

From all of us at Nevada Volunteers, we hope all of you have a wonderful Memorial Day and THANK YOU to those of you that have served or continue to serve our country well.

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