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The Volunteer Road

23Mar 20

Nevada Volunteers Response to COVID-19

Dear Nevadans,


One of the positives from the outbreak of COVID-19 has been the overwhelming support of people wanting to help their neighbors through service and volunteerism. Through our NV Volunteer Connect service, volunteers can easily find locations throughout Nevada that are looking for volunteers. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for those looking to assist their communities to be able to do so. Please do not show up at locations without contacting organizations first. We will work to keep opportunities on the site as up to date as possible as new needs emerge. If your organization has an opportunity for others to help the community at this time please let us know by sending an email to so your opportunity can be placed on NV Volunteer Connect.

We thank you for your commitment to serving your fellow Nevadans.


-The Nevada Volunteers Team

06Jan 20

Notice of Funding Opportunity for Grant Year 2020-2021


Seeking Nevada organizations interested in developing national service programs to address critical community needs


Nevada Volunteers is pleased to release this Notice of Funding Opportunity which requests applications from Nevada organizations and agencies interested in receiving AmeriCorps funding to recruit, place, and supervise AmeriCorps members or to plan an AmeriCorps program. Nevada is excited to open this Notice of Funding Opportunity for nonprofits, faith-based organizations, government entities or tribes looking to make a positive imprint through development of a national service program in Nevada for the grant year 2020-2021.


AmeriCorps programs support local community efforts by addressing education, economic opportunity, environmental stewardship, healthy futures, disaster services and veteran and military families through AmeriCorps member assignments which provide direct service and capacity-building activities, while also mobilizing volunteers. Applicants will design service activities for a team of members who have each committed to one year of service. Funding is available to launch an operational AmeriCorps program or to develop a new program with support from Nevada Volunteers through a planning grant of up to $75,000.

03Oct 19

National Service works for Nevada

National Service is in the spotlight. Several Presidential candidates have called for strengthening programs, or even suggesting service should be mandatory for all young people. September began AmeriCorps 25th anniversary and now is a great time to look at how national service impacts Nevada. AmeriCorps is a network of national service programs that empower people to improve their communities. This year 420 AmeriCorps members will impact over 8,200 Nevadans through 11 different AmeriCorps programs.

Breaking that number down even further shows that 2,500 students will receive STEM learning opportunities, 550 students in Las Vegas will receive academic mentoring, 450 people in rural Nevada will learn about healthy habits, 800 seniors will be supported with access to SNAP and healthcare, 225 people will learn about the benefits of vaccinations, and 3,700 students will learn how to protect their environment. Additionally, members will maintain 100 miles of hiking trails to provide access to Nevada’s public lands. 3,150 acres of those public lands will be at lower risk for wildfire after improvements made by AmeriCorps members.

12Jul 18

Be an intern with Nevada Volunteers!


We’re looking for an intern!

Position Overview:

The Data Entry Intern within Nevada Volunteers is an essential contributor to Nevada Volunteers’ efforts towards building and maintaining the state’s infrastructure to enhance national service and community volunteer engagement. In collaboration with the Nevada Volunteers team, this position works to increase the visibility of Nevada’s nonprofits and community-focused organizations and the impact of service and volunteerism through maintaining our Nevada Volunteer Connect database. Come help grow volunteerism in Nevada with us today!

Find the complete description and instructions on applying here:

Data Entry Intern

Position is open until filled.

27Mar 18

What’s YOUR Volunteer Story?

Nevada Volunteers wants to know your volunteer story! National Volunteer Week is April 15th-22nd and to celebrate all the amazing volunteers in our state we are holding a Volunteer Week Photo Contest. Submit your photos at and your story could be featured during National Volunteer Week. So show us how you volunteer and we’ll show everyone the impact volunteers have in our communities.

21Mar 18

Is AmeriCorps Right for Your Organization?

We know that getting started with AmeriCorps funding opportunities can be challenging, so start here! Answer the following question to find out if your organization is eligible for AmeriCorps funding:

1) Is your organization a public or private nonprofit organization – including labor organizations, faith-based and other community organizations; an institution of higher education; a government entity within the State of Nevada; an Indian tribe; or a partnership or consortia?

2) Does your organization file as a 501c3, 501c4, 501c5, or 501c6 with the IRS?

3) Does your organization’s plan for utilizing AmeriCorps members address specific unmet community needs in the areas of disaster services, economic opportunity, education, environmental stewardship, healthy futures, and/or veterans and military families?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions then you may qualify for AmeriCorps funding! AmeriCorps state funding gives your organization the opportunity to hire AmeriCorps members to expand your program and your reach in Nevada.

22Feb 18

AmeriCorps Alumni, Where Are They Now?

How did their service experience impact their journeys? What doors will AmeriCorps open for you?


Yoana Chavez- From Stipend to Salary

Yoana Chavez served two terms as an AmeriCorps member in Winnemucca, NV, at the Frontier Community Action Agency. After graduating high school, serving her community as an AmeriCorps member at FCAA was a great opportunity to help her community while continuing her education at Great Basin College. When asked about her experience serving as an AmeriCorps member she said, “Joining AmeriCorps was one of the best decisions that I made! It was a great opportunity to get involved in the community and meet new people. AmeriCorps supports public service as well as education. After completing my contract hours with AmeriCorps I received an education award. This helped me so much in paying for my college classes for my Bachelors degree! I would definitely recommend AmeriCorps. Not only do they help with school, it’s also a great way to meet people and create lifelong friendships as well as give back to the community!”

21Feb 18

Nevada Volunteers certifies Immunize Nevada as a Service Enterprise

For Immediate Release

Contact: Shelby Seferian

775) 825-1900 |

Nevada Volunteers certifies Immunize Nevada as a Service Enterprise

RENO|LAS VEGAS, February 21st, 2018 – Nevada Volunteers, the Governor’s commission on service, is pleased to announce Immunize Nevada has achieved certification as a Service Enterprise, testifying to the fact Immunize Nevada has effective volunteer management processes in place. As a certified Service Enterprise, Immunize Nevada leverages volunteers and their skills to strengthen organizational capacity, better deliver on the organization’s social mission, and offer the volunteer a more fulfilling experience.

Nevada Volunteers presented the Executive Director, Heidi Parker, the Service Enterprise certification on February 21st, 2018. Immunize Nevada is Nevada’s sixth certified Service Enterprise and joins the national network of only 340 organizations certified as a Service Enterprise.

“Committing to and completing the Service Enterprise process not only has created a culture of volunteerism throughout our entire organization, but it also positively impacted how our entire team approaches volunteer roles and responsibilities. From questions like “Is that something a volunteer can do?” to including them in tasks like project evaluation – we now look at all opportunities through a service-focused lens.” Heidi Parker – Executive Director

12Feb 18

United States’ Presidents and National Service

United States’ Presidents and National Service

Service to others is a core value of our country. U.S. presidents throughout history have been instrumental in creating the programs to support national service. This President’s Day, we remember presidents, starting with Franklin D. Roosevelt, and their contributions to National Service and AmeriCorps.

Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an executive order on April 5, 1933 and created the Civilian Conservation Corps as part of his New Deal legislation in response to the Great Depression. This monumental initiative not only employed around four million young people, but also helped shape the national and state park systems we enjoy today. Some of the accomplishments of this program include, planting over 3.5 Billion trees, constructing trails and shelters in more the 800 parks nationwide and clearing and maintaining access roads. In 1942 when World War II began, the Civilian Conservation Corps was dissolved to utilize all resources for the war effort. Fortunately, this program was highly regarded among the public and eventually inspired the creation of the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) in 1992.

11Oct 17

Top 5 Reasons Why Organizations Don’t Apply for AmeriCorps Funding and Why Your Organization Should

To develop and manage an AmeriCorps Program is a big decision. There are many factors to consider, but you shouldn’t let the below reasons deter you! AmeriCorps Programs bring dedicated community members to address real needs throughout Nevada. Nevada Volunteers is here to help you develop and implement a great program and give community members the ability to connect with your organization, your mission, and your community–creating a stronger Nevada.Is AmeriCorps Right for your Organization-

1) We don’t have the capacity to manage a federal grant

The policies and procedures needed to manage federal grants strengthen organizations. Don’t have them in place yet? Apply for a planning grant. Nevada Volunteers will provide funding of up to $75,000 for your organization to spend up to 12 months developing these policies and procedures so that you can manage federal grants. During this time, you will attend Nevada AmeriCorps trainings specifically designed to improve organizational and program capacity, meet other AmeriCorps program directors from across the state, and work with consultants who understand AmeriCorps. You’ll come to the end of the year with the policies and procedures in place to run an impactful AmeriCorps program, and your organization will become much stronger in the process.


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