Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada’s Immigration Assistance Program (IAP) provides immigration legal assistance to non-citizen individuals and their families throughout northern Nevada. In addition to direct legal assistance, the IAP provides education regarding immigration updates (i.e., court case decisions, presidential proclamations, new rules, etc.), rights under U.S. law, and dangers of unauthorized practice of immigration law (UPIL or notario fraud). The focus of the program is to assist non-citizens who otherwise would not be able to obtain legal representation. Individuals and their families can obtain a better sense of security and stability through the IAP’s support, including helping break the cycle of poverty by obtaining documentation needed to go to work or school, buy a house, or enter the military. The VISTA Immigration Assistance Outreach Coordinator will play a key role in supporting the work and building the capacity of the IAP by developing systems to inform the immigrant population on the dangers of notario fraud, expand partnerships to better sustain IAP outreach over the long-term, assist to streamline IAP services to increase capacity, and develop a volunteer training and recruitment strategy to improve volunteer engagement. This VISTA position is a part of Catholic Charities USA’s Family Strengthening Program, a national intermediary project. As a member, you will meet virtually with VISTA Leaders and other VISTAs serving throughout the country, all focused on alleviating poverty.