68th! That means I didn’t get the funding to head out on Nevada’s roads, writing my blog. My Pepsi Refresh idea came in at number 68 out of 180 in my category! I needed to finish in the top 10 to get the Refresh Grant.

So, is the road closed? Not really.

I could see it as being closed if I wanted to, but journeys are often delayed by roadblocks. The solution is simple: find another route to travel.

And so I’ve found another way to get on the road. It’s a virtual road for now—just you, me, and the web. I’m grateful it can happen. The tools I’ve found are free, both WordPress (for the blog) and Animoto (for the video).

All I need are readers, people to comment, and volunteers with stories to tell. So talk to me, and remember to subscribe (it’s free). Plus, share the blog with your friends.

Let me end with a big THANK YOU to all who voted for the blog in the February grant contest. Your support got this blog underway.

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