N4 Curbside Community!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, N4 is taking special precautions. We’ve expanded our respite services to include: COVID-19 health and safety screenings; home evaluations and adaptive equipment; virtual and telephone care consultation and support with accessing community resources; essential supplies, emergency kits, and education for emergency situations; food and medication delivery; and touch-free socialization, recreation and leisure. While we do still provide in-home support for people who still need it to ensure health, safety, and wellbeing, if a primary caregiver is not comfortable with having staff come into their home, we offer all of the services above as “respite.” This includes taking someone for a walk to give their caregiver a break, virtual socialization, getting take-out food, or community excursions that follow physical distancing recommendations. We are also very excited about our new initiative, the N4 “Curbside Community,” where staff will adhere to CDC guidelines to schedule and take the person receiving care for drive-by visits with friends and family members for a curbside visit with appropriate physical distancing where the person sits in the backseat and away from the driver, however, can stop and play music, wave, blow kisses, make signs with messages, use a megaphone, enjoy a sack lunch, and more. We intend to take lots of photos and videos of these visits to create either print or digital photo albums, slide shows, and/or videos so families can revisit their Curbside Community memories wherever they want.

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