Marin’s Story

It’s Ability Challenge Month – Achieve Tahoe’s month-long fundraiser – and we are highlighting someone who has made major strides in her snow skiing ability and has raised over $1,300 for Achieve Tahoe programs through the Ability Challenge!

Marin is 10 years old and has been snow skiing with Achieve Tahoe for two years. She and her mother, Laura, were kind enough to take some time to share their experience with Achieve Tahoe and why they are doing the Ability Challenge. Thank you Marin and Laura, for sharing your story!

MARIN: We first went to Achieve Tahoe because I have Vasovagal syncope. I really like Achieve Tahoe, everybody is super nice. I have had 8 different instructors, they have all been great.  Overall it is a super awesome program.

I have gotten to be a really good and confident skier. I can now go out with my family, half of them are snowboarders, and now they can’t keep up with me! I have gotten so much more confident skiing with the possibility of fainting thanks to Achieve Tahoe.

I really wanted to do a fundraiser. When I was 4 my sibling did a fundraiser for a bird sanctuary in NYC. I participated as a little 4 year old girl and raised $100.00. I love fundraisers, they give you a sense that you are doing something good, and I like collecting money from people. Achieve Tahoe is an amazing program and I wanted to help other people be able to ski and snowboard. “


Achieve Tahoe has taught [Marin] some of the best life-lessons there are to teach: When you love something you find a way, try new things and you may just find a life long interest, you are super capable of making your dreams come true, society supports and is there for others who want or need support.  

We are happy to support Marin in her Ability Challenge…because we feel so grateful to Achieve Tahoe for all it has given our family, other families and individuals. Marin often speaks about other participants she has come across at Achieve Tahoe that have disabilities and she is inspired by their accomplishments.

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