A Message To Our Partners In Service

Nevada Volunteers thanks leaders from business, government and the nonprofit sector for working with us on the vision of building an ethic of service in Nevada.

As we continue to engage Nevadans of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities in service to others through our flagship AmeriCorps program, we also continue to improve, promote and advance the volunteer infrastructure in our state.



The 2013 inaugural Corporate and Volunteer Summit kicked off with a CEO panel from some of Nevada’s leading-edge businesses and nonprofits discussing the effect of volunteerism on a business’s bottom line as well as the impacts for nonprofits. Together we “Re-imagined Service” to increase social impact through effective volunteer engagement across all sectors.

A statewide strategic plan for inclusion of people with disabilities was another highlight. The vision of the planners is that people with disabilities are fully and meaningfully included as members, volunteers and change agents in a variety of leadership positions in national and community service.

In partnership with you, we are successfully using service and volunteering to address gaps caused by an economic recession while at the same time, addressing critical unmet needs in communities throughout Nevada.

We appreciate all that Nevada’s volunteers accomplish and encourage you to continue to give of your time and your talent to make Nevada a better place for all of us.