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Governor’s Volunteer Recognition Certificate

Sample Certificate


Service Award Pin


An optional lapel pin is available for a $5.00 charge. Click here to order. The pin will be sent with the Certificate.


The criteria for nominations for the Governor’s Volunteer Recognition Certificate include one or more of the following:

  • An individual has performed over 200 hours of service in a calendar year, representing exceptional service that surpassed expectations; and/or
  • An individual has provided a skilled or pro bono service that increased the capacity or stability of the organization by $10,000 or more; and/or
  • An individual has demonstrated reliability and commitment in continual direct volunteer service for a period of two or more years; and/or
  • An individual has taken on a significant leadership role resulting in a new or enhanced program, an innovative way of meeting organizational needs, or has addressed a need that was not previously met.
  • NEW- Youth Volunteer (18 years or younger) has performed over 100 hours of service in a one-year period, representing exceptional service that surpassed expectations.

If you have a volunteer or volunteers who meet this criteria submit your request for a certificate here .

*Note: This Certificate is not meant as recognition of normal board service but could be used for exceptional board service that exceeds expectations. Please contact Nevada Volunteers with questions.


Nomination Process

The nomination form is available here or upon request and may be submitted by any nonprofit, business, faith-based group, civic organization, or governmental entity. Nominations need to be submitted 4 weeks in advance of when the award will be presented. Nominations are submitted to the Governor’s Office on the 1st and 15th of each month. There is no charge for participating unless you wish to add a recognition item to your presentation (see above).

The nomination requires the following information:

  • Name of Nominating Organization
  • EIN Number or other proof of legitimate status as a nonprofit or business
  • Phone/Mailing Address/Email
  • Name of Person Making the Nomination
  • Volunteer Name and contact information
  • Description of the way(s) in which the volunteer meets the criteria



No individual may receive the Certificate in two consecutive years for the same category. Recipients must be Nevada residents or have performed their volunteer service solely in Nevada.  This recognition is not intended for National Service members.

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