Size 3, 4, and 5 Diapers—We have plenty of newborn and small-sized diapers, but there is a growing demand for larger sizes to meet the needs of moms with older babies in our community.

Maternity Clothes- New maternity clothes are always appreciated.

Formula—Of all kinds! Milk-based, soy, hypoallergenic, lactose-free. You name it! We’d love to be able to offer these formulas to our babies with special dietary needs.

Scrapbooking Supplies—Baby books, disposable cameras, collage frames or other items to help our new moms celebrate and memorialize their baby’s arrival.

Gas Cards & Bus Passes—Would go along way toward helping our girls get to and from school, work, and doctors appointments.

Silent Auction Items— Items such as restaurant/boutique gift certificates or tickets to a play would make wonderful additions to our silent auction at our fall fundraising event.

Thank You Cards & Stamps— Blank “Thank you” cards and stamps to mail them with would be so appreciated. We take thanking our volunteers, donors, and friends very seriously!

Gift Cards — WalMart, Target, Visa, or any grocery store. It would help us get necessary items for the residents as well as the house.

Furniture—There is always a need for infant specific furniture items such as bassinets, high chairs and newer cribs.