The number one thing on most peoples minds right now is the Coronavirus.  It is a very present reality that can not be ignored.  Most businesses are closed.  But being closed to the public does not mean that work does not still go on.  At Good Shepherd’s Clothes Closet we are working toward the time when we will reopen.

Almost all of our financial obligations are fixed expenses which still need to be met.  As you know we use volunteers so we have a staff of only two people.

We are preparing to get back to giving away free clothes when we are once again able to do so safely and responsibly.  We anticipate that many people, especially families with children, will be struggling financially.  To keep going we need monetary donations now to be ready to help.  Keep in mind that we give away clothes at no charge to the recipient.    We depend on your generosity.

We have plenty of clothes and are confident that the volunteers will come back.  Meanwhile we need money to keep functioning while we work toward what it takes to once again serve those in need in the Reno-sparks community.

Please consider a cash donation to Good Shepherd’s Clothes Closet.  You can do so on our web site or by sending a check to

Good Shepherd’s Clothes Closet

335 Record Street

Reno, NV 89512

Thank you

Chris Rhodes

Executive Director