This June we will be handling our operation the same as we have been the last few months . We are asking that the food be dropped off between 4:00 and 4:15 so that we can start boxing up by 4:30. We have to keep our number down inside and this only allows two people from each group to stay (if they would like to )and help us box the food up. We understand that your jobs are essential and your health is very important to us . Therefor we are prepared to box the food up and serve it ourselves as well. Thank you very much for all you do for us . We can’t wait to have everyone back inside to help feed those less fortunate in the downtown Henderson area . We are very grateful for all of you and all that you provide for our guests that are in need of Friends In The Desert.
We are in need of extra cases of bottles of water during this time and small bottles of sunblock. Thank you 😊