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Nevada Volunteers provides extensive support and training to grantees and potential grantees.  If you are thinking about applying for an AmeriCorps grant, the follow resources will support you in developing your application.

Recorded Webinars

Understanding AmeriCorps and Determining Organization Fit 
This session will help interested applicants understand the fundamentals of AmeriCorps programming and questions that need to be considered to determine if they have the capacity to implement and manage an AmeriCorps program.

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Program Design and Logic Models
This session will help applicants understand the key areas of AmeriCorps program design. Additionally, this session will provide an overview of logic models, an essential component of operational grants and a component that must be developed during the course of a planning grant.


Narrative and Performance Measure Requirements
This session will walk interested applicants through the required components of the 2018-19 Narrative; what makes a strong 2018-19 narrative; the requirements around national performance measurements; and key documents that will help inform final decisions on performance measurement selection.

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Budget and NOFO Requirements
This session will provide insight into the various grant types, budget components and payment methods for AmeriCorps funding. Additionally, this session will provide an overview of the budget related requirements for 2018-19 NOFO.

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