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AmeriCorps Training and Technical Assistance for Potential Grantees

Nevada Volunteers provides extensive support and training to grantees and potential grantees.  If you are thinking about applying for an AmeriCorps grant, the following resources will support you in developing your application.

GY2021-2022 Notice of Funding Opportunity Series


NOFO Webinar 1 – Understanding the AmeriCorps Notice of Funding Opportunity and Determining Organizational Fit – Recording

This session will provide interested applicants an overview of the elements, timeline, and requirements of the Nevada Volunteers Notice of Funding Opportunity. Additionally, we will talk on this webinar about some AmeriCorps programming fundamentals that need to be understood; questions that need to be considered; and assessment requirements to help determine if organizations have the capacity to apply for, implement, and manage an AmeriCorps program.

Webinar PowerPoint

NOFO Webinar 2 – Understanding the important Program Design Elements that are a part of the AmeriCorps Application – Recording

This session will help applicants understand and develop the key elements that make up the program design section of the application which include the first section of the narrative and the logic model which contribute to up to 50 of the 100 points allocated in the grant review process.

Webinar PowerPoint

NOFO Webinar 3 – Understanding the Full Narrative and Performance Measure Elements – Recording

This session will walk applicants through the 2 main sections of the application, the Narrative and the Performance Measurements. Participants will understand the key elements of both sections (narrative and performance measurements), know what is expected in each, and understand where the 2 are entered.

Webinar PowerPoint

NOFO Webinar 4 – Understanding and Creating Your AmeriCorps Budget – Recording

This session will help applicants understand the various grant budget types, budget components and payment methods for AmeriCorps funding. Additionally, this session will provide an overview of the budget related requirements for the 2019-2020 NOFO.

Webinar PowerPoint

NOFO Webinar 5 – Best Practices in Demonstrating Evidence

This webinar provides guidance on how to identify a program’s level of evidence, and how to support it with relevant data, studies, and/or evaluation reports.
Webinar Recording: 
Webinar Resources: PowerPoint Presentation

NOFO Webinar 6 – Best Practices in Writing an Evaluation Plan

This webinar provides attendees with an overview of how to develop an evaluation plan that meets CNCS’s evaluation requirements.
Webinar Recording:
Webinar Resources: Best Practices in Writing an Evaluation Plan HandoutPowerPoint


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