AmeriCorps Week 2013: Everyone Can Serve

Nevada Volunteers strongly stands behind the AmeriCorps program and the way that it can impact a member’s life. Members are impacting our Nevada communities through helping high school students graduate and pursue higher education, mentoring at-risk youth, recruiting volunteers for local nonprofits, reducing fire fuel throughout the state, and feeding those in need. Alongside members making an impact in the communities through nonprofits, the program is also making an impact in the members’ lives. AmeriCorps helps members find their passion, gives them work experience, and shows them the importance of volunteerism.

Believing that AmeriCorps is a powerful pathway opportunity, we enlisted the help of Tanner Productions to help share the testimonies of AmeriCorps members throughout Nevada. Hear what they have to say about the AmeriCorps program and how to get involved today!

AmeriCorps Nevada Video

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