Amass for AmeriCorps – Field Update 9

Behind the chain link fence and a few feet from the railroad tracks, through the winter landscape you can distinguish the red, green, brown, and blue of tents. Hidden away from Reno’s busy downtown area, at 4th and Record Street, these tents house people of all walks of life who ended up with no other place to live. They found their way to Reno’s Resource Center where people and their pets can receive the help they need. In the middle of this fragmented and impoverished group of people, you will find the heart of AmeriCorps pulsing strong through Karen Wilcox.

“As an AmeriCorps volunteer, I am lucky to have been chosen to help these folks move on to a more worthwhile existence.” Karen helps her clients by providing direction for specific resources as they fit the needs of each individual such as information about clinics, shelters, and food banks. She also is the primary point person for securing service donors for the annual service providers fair, a one-stop opportunity to receive free haircuts, dental care, clothing, and job information.

“Being an AmeriCorps allows me to feel rewarded and motivated. I am happy to serve.”

It’s because of stories like this one and AmeriCorps members like Karen Wilcox that Nevada Volunteers is so grateful this holiday season. We are thankful for the service of hard working members that continue to give their time to help make our Nevada communities a better place.

Join Nevada Volunteers in saluting the great efforts of the Nevada AmeriCorps programs and help to ensure that our programs continue into the future. $10 from 10 friends helps us make our next fundraising goal, and together we can do it!

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