Amass for AmeriCorps Campaign – Field Update 4

Amass for AmeriCorps! Update from the field, December 2, 2010

“I have developed a stronger sense of pride to continuously see the people of our cities, our communities, and our families led on a positive path to well-being.”

Meet Erick Alcantar, an AmeriCorps member currently serving his second year at HELP of Southern Nevada through the United Way of Southern Nevada AmeriCorps program. Erick is responsible for case managing, housing, and providing wraparound services to homeless families.

His latest success was with a gentleman on his caseload who is a single father, taking care of his two young daughters. The father was in desperate need of eyeglasses. Erick was able to coordinate with the Lion’s Sightfirst Foundation, who was able to provide his client with an eye exam, as well as new set of glasses.

Erick was recently recognized during October at the 2010 Points of Light Volunteer Recognition Luncheon for his time, talent, and effort as a Nevada volunteer.

It is Erick’s compassion and patience that allow him the unique ability to speak with clients that are in crisis, and calmly and efficiently assess their needs. “Building a community is an everyday task, even if time is not always spent housing a family that is sleeping at a bus station. Our community is constantly growing with every gesture to lend a hand. We as community members must see each other as family members and through volunteering this has become more of a truth to myself.”

Give future AmeriCorps members the ability to serve our great communities of Nevada. Help us spell AmeriCorps with $10 from 1,000 friends. We can do this with your help!

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