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About Us

Who We Are

Nevada Volunteers, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, is the Governor’s commission that selects and administers AmeriCorps State programs in Nevada. We also serve as Nevada’s primary resource center for volunteer and service efforts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have vibrant, productive communities with active engaged citizens. We believe that a culture of service and volunteerism is critical to achieving this vision. 

  • Volunteers build strong communities and have a lasting impact on local needs. 
  • Neighborhoods where volunteers gather and serve are more vibrant and engaged. 
  • Service and volunteering create bonds across diverse experiences, beliefs, and backgrounds. 
  • In turn, people who volunteer are transformed by the experience and develop a sense of ownership and responsibility for their communities.   

Our Mission

To foster a statewide culture of service and volunteerism by: 

  • Building a collaborative statewide infrastructure that supports existing national service and volunteer efforts across the state;  
  • Increasing and improving volunteer and national service opportunities; and,  
  • Improving national service and volunteer management and increasing retention 


Nevada Volunteers seeks to use service as a solution to enrich the lives
of our citizens and their communities. 

What We Do

  • We inspire people to engage in acts of giving and service.
  • We seek funding to meet critical needs in Nevada through service and volunteerism.
  • We inspire a culture of volunteerism that affects lives and enhances the quality of life for all.

When We Started

We have been helping Nevadans use service and volunteerism to address unmet needs and strengthen their communities since 1994. We became a nonprofit commission in 1998.

Where We Are Located

We are based in Reno, but our presence is statewide.

How We Do What We Do

  • We receive support from three sources:
    • AmeriCorps federal funding
    • The State of Nevada matching operational funds
    • Private dollars (sponsorships, in-kind donations, and grants)
  • We award and manage AmeriCorps State funds, a national service program that rewards citizens for serving their communities with a stipend and education award.
  • We coordinate and maintain a growing statewide network of volunteer opportunities.
  • We administer the Governor’s Volunteer Service Recognition Certificate.
  • We host the Governor’s Points of Light Awards to honor outstanding volunteer citizens, organizations, and businesses.
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