A Whole New Look in Southern Nevada!

Over 200 community volunteers joined AmeriCorps members from United Way of Southern Nevada and Luz Community Development Coalition to revitalize the City Impact Center in Las Vegas. City Impact Center is a community outreach center in the heart of Las Vegas that encourages, empowers and equips community members to better themselves and their families. The City Impact Center integrates faith-based solutions and mobilizes people to act in their community.

Volunteers spent the day cleaning up trash and overgrown plants, painting, or giving the Center a head-to-toe scrubbing. City Impact Center shines from the hard work of the volunteers:

  • A clean and freshly painted recreation center for youth after-school programs
  • A clean and freshly painted preschool with three inspirational and diverse murals to brighten the facility
  • Freshly painted parking lines for safety
  • A clean and freshly painted low-income senior housing complex
  • A collection of donated books and board games to the youth after-school programs
  • Removal of trash and beautification of the City Impact Center grounds

Mayra Duran, a United Way of Southern Nevada AmeriCorps member serving at Western High School’s Family Engagement Resource Center, shared “Volunteers from all ages and backgrounds shook hands and shared their loving strength. It was as if a silent air wave flushed our souls and for that day, we forgot about all the troubles in our lives. It is better to give than to receive. On the other hand, we receive when we give. We received the reassurance that all had committed to a dream and made a difference, in our hearts and in the lives of others.”

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