Using VolunteerMatch to Recruit Volunteers

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Nevada Volunteers contracts with VolunteerMatch to provide this robust system to attract and recruit great volunteers.  It is free to you.  Simply register your organization (you will need your EIN) and begin posting!  Over 300 Nevada nonprofits are already finding great volunteers. Start the registration process here!

Why does Nevada Volunteers provide this service?

In our work across the state, we consistently hear from both volunteers and organizations that finding a good match for a volunteer and an organization is challenging and, when it works well, very fulfilling.  Our mission is to increase volunteerism and service in Nevada to positively impact and solve problems in communities across the state.  What better way than by galvanizing people around causes they care about and helping them find ways to make an impact!

VolunteerMatch is a robust national platform that allows people to find local volunteer opportunities or to find virtual opportunities anywhere in the country.  Many corporate programs are also linked through VolunteerMatch postings!  Welcome!


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