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woman-and-little-girlYou’re a busy student — classes, sports, maybe even a part-time job.

So why volunteer?
Because you want to help.

You will reap the most benefits from volunteering if you can honestly say you enjoy helping others or want to help solve a community problem. Beyond that, volunteering can help with post-graduation job placement and debt-forgiveness. Learn How to Become has created a guidebook for students and young professionals seeking careers in the non-profit sector with information about how volunteering can be an avenue to future employment.  Check out the guidebook here!


Volunteering beefs up your resume

Volunteering can give you a real edge in the job market—especially if you’ve been in a leadership position or initiated a volunteer effort on your own. Volunteering also helps you:

  • show a potential employer how you can effectively manage, meet deadlines, or do great PR work
  • show initiative—volunteering while you attend school or look for a job is a big deal
  • impress graduate admission officers, who are always looking for well-rounded students


Volunteering builds your social connections

You work with many different people when you volunteer, many of whom are successful or have connections. This can be a great path to a potential job, financial backing for your entrepreneurial idea, or simply sound advice. Gather your friends for a volunteer project or meet new friends with similar interests!


Volunteering can help with student loan debt

Larger organizations such as the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps offer some loan forgiveness if you meet certain qualifications.



Volunteering can be a required part of your courses.  What a great way to learn!  Use our volunteer matching system, or check with your campus office for community service or service-learning.  Learn more about service-learning


Where to find student-friendly volunteer opportunities

  • Nevada Volunteers lists youth friendly volunteer opportunities in your area. It’s easy, and it’s free!
  • The Volunteering Resource Binder contains information from more than three dozen nonprofit organizations that need student volunteers in northwestern Nevada, including Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Incline Village, Winnemucca and Fallon.
  • UNLV students can find great opportunities in southern Nevada.
  • The United Way Volunteer Center lists volunteer opportunities in the Las Vegas Valley
  • CSN students check here
  • UNR students check here
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