Location: Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, Nevada Schedule: Full time 40 hours a week. 300 hour term; Thursday-Sunday 6am-4pm, days may vary and members will be provided housing as the location is remote. Stipend of $1229.16 per month, Education Award $1,311.11 upon successful completion of service. Sheldon Restoration Crew Members will be working a significant amount of time will be spent living and working in a remote location with limited communication capabilities. Housing and food is provided, however some camping will be required. Primary Responsibilities: Sheldon Restoration Crew members will be using a variety of tools to remove barbwire fencing from wildlife habitats and to improve and restore wildlife lands, they will also help manage volunteers during stewardship events. SRC members will serve as agents of both FNW and the Fish and Wildlife Services when dealing with visitors and volunteers and must represent both in a positive way. Related Responsibilities: maintain accurate and timely preparation of project files. Required skills/abilities: ability to hike for up to 8 miles with a 30-pound pack, live and work in rugged conditions with extreme temperature variations, responsible for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment, responsible for safe use and maintenance of tools, equipment and vehicles, ability to work as part of a team with safety as a primary concern, ability to live and : maintain a working relationship with a team when living in a remote area with limited outside communication, organizational skills, responsible for data collection and basic computer literacy, photography skills, doctor’s medical release, flexibility regarding work schedule, weekends are required, self-motivated, current driver’s license. This position involves serving in a remote location with limited use of communication devices, some camping/backpacking will be required at undeveloped recreation sites, good physical condition is required.